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    Don’t be Unroadworthy…Do it the Right Way

    Headlight Repairs in Brunswick

    Specialist Headlight Restoration in Brunswick

    Whether you’ve got a beautiful classic car or something a bit newer, it’s important to keep your headlights clean and clear – not just for looks, but for roadworthiness too. If your car’s headlights are looking a little foggy and yellowed, call us here at Rightway. We can come to you at your home or office and complete the service at a time that suits you for your convenience.

    Quality headlight polishing services at outstandingly cheap prices

    We offer cheap headlight polishing for Brunswick locals. A good and thorough polishing can help return your headlamps back to their original condition and make them roadworthy again. A simple polish costs a fraction of the price of a total headlight replacement, making this a highly viable option when it comes to maintaining your car.

    Give your car a brand new look with a headlight restoration from the experts

    Here at Rightway Enterprises, we encompass a team of highly-experienced and highly-qualified professionals who can promise you a service that will save you both time and money later down the track. Furthermore, with a three-year warranty guarantee on all of our polishing and restoration services, our customers can be rest assured that their vehicle is in safe hands when they choose us. You’ll be amazed at how a pair of squeaky-clean, fog-free headlights can affect the look and functionality of your car! From Brunswick to the corners of Kew and the outskirts of Essendon, we have Melbourne city covered.

    Find out more about what we can do for you

    For more information on what we have to offer or to book your service, call us on 0417 943 977. Choose the right way to restore your headlamps today.